Squirrel…The ADHD Episode

Everybody has ADHD. Why can't you try harder? Why can't you do the work? You must not be that smart. Stop doing that. Why do you always disobey me? You never listen. You can't follow the rules. Why did you lie? Why, why, why?????

The above is just a sample of the negative messages people with ADHD receive on a regular basis.

During the 19 years before my ADHD diagnosis, I just felt like I wasn't capable. I thought I wasn't as smart as my peers and my effort was always challenged. Post diagnosis, it would take another 21 years to fully recover from the toll the lack of awareness had on my self worth.

Shana joins the 40 AF Team and shares her journey through the diagnosis and treatment of her son's ADHD.

In this episode, together we will debunk the mystery and myths that surround this seemingly "popular" disorder.

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2 thoughts on “Squirrel…The ADHD Episode”

    1. Thank you, Maura! ADHD is a real thing. If you have survived this life with ADHD or a loved one with ADHD, well done! You’ve made it this far 🙂 Dancing is a daily activity…particularly when I am on a walk with my dog and a really good song is in my ear.

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