The More The Merrier – A Polyamory Story

This post has been updated to include after show thoughts at the bottom of this article.

Phillip M. Locey is the author of series of fantasy novels called The Chain of Living Fire. His personal life is more of a fantasy than most as well!

On this episode of 40AF, Phil talks about his successful polyamorous relationship with his beautiful wife, Julie.

Join us and learn how he began this self-proclaimed "relationship orientation" and how it is maintained. Phil also has a few words for people who throw shade about something with which they have no experience.

Here is a short description of Phil's first novel in the above mentioned series and a link to purchase your own copy!

"As enemies of the King-priest, a calculating Rogan and skillful but impetuous Jaiden find themselves in an uneasy alliance, despite different homelands. They join forces with the Order of the Rising Moon, servants of a forgotten Goddess sworn to fight the spreading tyranny of the Dark God the King-priest serves."


10/6/19-After the release of this show, with the support of members of my tribe, I realized a few things. See more HERE.

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